Born in 1973, Isa Kaos is a bootmaker and an autodidactic visual artist who lives and works in Paris. She designs and makes shoes and exclusive artifacts.

  Good all-around and driven by the passion for creation, Isa Kaos tries her hand since 2014 at visual expression about her favorite subjects with her own materials.

   She now also does art performance, in which she stages herself with her burlesque extravagance.

   "I design my shoes to be singular and unique so that they can alter the sensorial perception they carry.

   My shoes, statuesque objects, have an impact on the posture of the person who wears them. They sculpt and metamorphose the body. They become deviant accessories, throwing off-balance of mobility and body aesthetics. They are never where expected.

   Out of them, I make things of constraint, pleasure, desire, transformation. They unsettle the sensations of the person who wears them and the perception of people around.

   I mix technical skills, magic, humor, fragility, absurdity, and imagination, like with the "panties" series called: "pussy masks", in which I unveil female personalities and sexual identities. Like a mask on the face, it's a sexual mask that echoes the shoe, carrying also a performing potential.

   My creative world has always been about woman and eroticism, with an inquisitive though benevolent look, and a touch of humor."




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