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The Ordeal of Lady June


Illustrated novel

The White Cattle : Volume 3



Zwanga wants to find his wife and daughters, and punish their abductors, but his Shaziri warriors are more than restive to start the search across Africa. He requires an audience with the new Caliph and will learn the awful truth about his status in Shaziiar...

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180 Pages (92 double pages)

43 500 Words

18 Drawings



The two Arabs were sitting at the top of these heaps of white flesh, stretched out in a strange exhibitionist posture, the penis erected, the pets being very careful of not hiding the organ to the eyes of the opposite god.

June wondered what could be the origins of this tradition; to show to a potential enemy their virility, their sexual energy, probably … and to give the most efficient pets to the guest might have appeared as a sign of good faith necessary to all negotiation. If the organ of the Grand Vizier should go suddenly soft, something that couldn’t be excluded, considering his advanced age, the meeting would certainly end up prematurely … who knew what could happen? A coup? A bloody war? All this for a cock fight in a henhouse! 

June was worried about it. She would have to be at level with what the vizier was expecting of her, whatever it might be…

She was presented to him on her knees, her tongue widely displayed. From where she was, down the pyramid, June could only see his head behind an erected penis at the top of a mountain of pink buttocks, about five yards above her.

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