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Pedestaling the White Fillies
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A New Power in Town
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The Return of Zwanga
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La Vallée du Bétail Blanc
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Unless you have read the whole saga, this page contains SPOILERS.




1100 - Capture of Crusaders wives and children by the Bedouin tribe. Attack of the Crusaders and escape of the Bedouins with their white slaves.

1101 - Arrival in the Valley of Shazilar. 

1107 - Shazilar becomes a Caliphate - Shazi Dynasty 

1125 - Book of Shazi - Creation of the society based on the enslavement of the whites

1237 - First Muhaid Dynasty 

1255 - Book of Muhaid. Whites become animals 

1304 - Aheediz Dynasty 

1352 - Second Muhaid Dynasty 

1692 - Assizzin Dynasty 

1701 - Azzuz Dynasty.

1920 - Zwanga the Lord of the Animals discovers the Valley of Shazilar

1921 - Zwanga becomes protector of the Valley and friend to the Caliph Amar Al Azzuz.

1923 - Zwanga leaves the Valley for a while, disgusted by the treatment given to his cousin.

1927 - Birth of the Caliph's son Basher.


The Lord of the Animals

The Valley of the White Cattle

Portfolio The Valleys #1






Illustrated Novel The White Cattle #1


1931 - The Rower expedition. Zwanga and June Rower get married.
1942 - Basher Al Azzuz, first Shazilarian to go out of the Valley since Maruk's incursion in 1904, to get an English education at the Whitestocks.
1950 - Death of the Caliph Amar Al Azzuz.
— Basher is the new Caliph at 23.

The Rise of Shazilar


Illustrated Novel The White Cattle #2

— Abduction of Zwanga's family.

1951 - Basher sets up a program to to open the Valley to the outside world.

The Rise of Shazilar


Illustrated Novel The White Cattle #3



— Maruk rises in power. On Basher's demand, he modernize Shazilarite Islam to fit the requirement of the new educated slaves who keep coming to Shazilar, and called it the Phoenic Faith.

— Foundation of the Cathophoenic Church.

The Enslavement of the Whitestocks


Illustrated Novel The White Cattle #4


— Foundation of the University of Porcine Sciences in Shazilarabad, to teach young Shazilarians the management of white slaves.

1953 - Murder of Basher Al Azzuz by the Lord of the Animals.

— The Grand Vizier Ali Al Rhazul becomes Caliph.

— Beginning of the Rhazul Dynasty.

The Return of Zwanga


Illustrated Novel The White Cattle #5

1954 — Release of the Book of Maruk, third Sacred book

— Big change in the balance of power in Shaziriland, as both English colonists and Shaziri natives acknowledge that the Lord of the Animals and all his army of Shaziris have disappeared forever.

— The Nambis believe the English have killed the Lord of the Animals. They attack their outposts in the jungle. The Tambis help them secretely to strike on the colonists, to seek independence for themselves.

1955 - First official expedition of Shazilar to the outside world with the mission to buy modern weapons and white slaves.

1956 - British Shaziriland becomes independent.

— Birth of the Democratic Republic of Tambinambiwa, result of the union of Tambi and the Nambi Shaziri tribes. 

1964 - The Emir Omar Bin Zaruam, send a secret expedition to Shazilar to capture several of these famous white slaves. The expedition is slaughtered by Shazilarian soldiers.

1965 - The Republic of Tambinambiwa sends an expedition to Shazilar and officially discovers the Valley.

1966 - Foundation of Maruk Market and first setting up of the Cathophoenic Church in the outside world.

1967 - The "White Bonanza": Hundreds of white women are abducted in Africa by smugglers and sent to Maruk Market to be sold.

— Maruk's son Malik and his wife Yasmina build a farm in Shazilar to train the hundreds of rebellious white women from the "Bonanza".

The Valley of the White Bonanza

portfolio The Valleys #2

1969 - Malik creates the first rearing farm for whites this side of the Valley, in Maruk Market, and develops new breeds.

1971 - Malik creates Eldorado Harbor on the Barbary Coast, to facilitate the purchase of new slaves.

1972 - The new President of Tambinambiwa Abdul N'Gania, elected with the support of the Caliph of Shazilar, nominates the Shazilarian farmlord Neffuz to be Minister of Foreign Affairs.

1973 - The Caliph of Shazilar invited by the new president in N'Wambiwa.

1974 - Moktar Oualif develops a hunting business in abducting White women around the world for huge amounts of money.

1976 - Creation of Harun's hard training facility.

1978 - Death of Ali Al Rhazul, Caliph of Shazilar. His son Ahmed becomes the new Caliph.


1986 - A boat full of young Christian girls sinks and no survivor is found. The girls are abducted and made slaves in the Valley.

— The period for spectacular big catches is now over and the regular trading business can begin.

The Valley of the White Market

portfolio The Valleys #3

1987 - After the discovery of a cargo ship full of white women in chains, an expedition put in place by the United Nations is sent to Tambinambiwa.

1988 - The Von Gohtta Expedition disappears into the Jungle

1989 - Two scientists from the expedition are found in the jungle. Their positive report about the Shazilarian society calms down the United Nations.

— Foundation of the United Nations Committee Against White Women Slavery (U.N.C.A.W.W.S.)

Explorer of the Valley of the Slaves

Portfolio The Valley of the Slaves #1

1993 - The second expedition led by Rasheeda Bourid disappears into the jungle too.

Raider of the Valley of the Slaves

Portfolio The Valley of the Slaves #2

1995 - Operation Ambassador: Rasheeda Bourid and Heidrun Von Gohtta come back to Europe and reassure the United Nations about the Shazi Society. - Rasheeda releases her book "Frau Von Gohtta I presume".

Ambassador of the Valley of the Slaves

Portfolio The Valley of the Slaves #3

Captives of the Valley of the Slaves

Portfolio The Valley of the Slaves #4

— November 12 : Rasheeda Bourid get married to the Caliph Ahmed al Rhazul.

1996 - Birth of Rasheeda's son, heir of the throne of the Caliphate.

— The Caliph dies and Rasheeda becomes regent.

Goddess of the Valley of the Slaves

Portfolio The Valley of the Slaves #5

White Mare of the Valley of the Slaves

Portfolio The Valley of the Slaves #6

1997 - Tambinambiwa invades Zaruam Emirate and becomes the Tambi Caliphate, under the rule of Rasheeda Bourid Al Rhazul, the regent of Shazilar.

— Kassim Bourid becomes Administrator of the Valley of the Slaves.

— Kassim Bourid creates the Von Gohtta breed farm.

2001 - Yusuf Bourid discovers the new possibilities that the Shazilari culture has to offer and decides to transform his chain of grocery stores, the Golden Arbor, into a multinational company dedicated to White Slavery.

2004 - July— Tambi Caliphate is invaded by a coalition of Emirates (Ouazha, Razid & Haffum) with the support of Zebya. Gassul Al Ouazha becomes Caliph.

— Rasheeda Bourid is granted asylum in France, then in Wonderbourg.

Conquest of the Valley of the Slaves

Portfolio The Valley of the Slaves #2

2005 - The U.N. troops attack Zebya, and establish a base in Gawarzazar.

— Rasheeda Bourid comes to Gawarzazar to lead the Tambi Resistance against the Coalition.

— Hidden somewhere in the Nubiari desert, Haffid Tassul, the leader of Zebya openly claims his country to be the hub of White Slavery, and the U.N. attacks increase.

Undercover Agent on the Route of the Slaves

Portfolio The Route of the Slaves #1

— Facing the threat of white spies from the Resistance, the Coalition creates its own training facility for western female spies in the Valley of the Slaves.

— In Gawarzazar, Amina Bussif prepares the ultimate operation to get rid of the leader of the Coalition, the emir Gassul al Ouazha.

Double Agent on the Route of the Slaves

Portfolio The Route of the Slaves #2

— American agent Sally Breaster discovers the secret of the Magic of the Valley, but it is Amina Bussif who benefits the information.

— As the victory over the Coalition of emirates is now only a question of time, Rasheeda Bourid decides to launch a twenty-years program for the conquest of Europe after the war, using the Magic of the Valley that turn white women mad with sex.

Raw Recruits on the Route of the Slaves

Portfolio The Route of the Slaves #3

— Rasheed Rassuf is in charge of coordinating the conquest program for Europe. He creates a new fashion, the Shazz, based on Shazilarian traditions.

— Rasheeda already names underground governors for every country in Europe, provinces-to-be of the Caliphate.

Bad Girls on the Route of the Slaves

Portfolio The Route of the Slaves #4

— Omar al Haffiz has been named underground governor for Great Britain. Based in Norsex, one of the richest shires of England. he creates a very influent business network and a chain of Shazz nightclubs where young white women can meet much older Arab gentlemen without local interferences.

—A Judge pronounces the closure of Omar's clubs for indecent exposure of the female members. It causes Omar to create underground events that help spreading the Shazz movement even more among the youth.

—After only a few months, new bigger clubs open, and Shazz is stronger than ever.

2006 - February - Whitestock's Impérial High school collapses during a big reception counting 1200 girls from the high society of Norsex. At about the same time, Omar's hutches are suddenly filled with a thousand young white females duly registered as Shazilarian natives.

Good Girls on the Route of the Slaves

Portfolio The Route of the Slaves #5

2006 - October - The UN troops conquer Zebya, while the Tambi resistants kill Gassul Al Ouazha and take back their land. The Tambi Caliphate is officially reinstated.

Lord of the Slaves

Portfolio The Route of the Slaves #6

— Tambi Caliphate agrees to be investigated by U.N.C.A.W.W.S. but some people in the UN find that insufficient and ask for a resolution to put UN soldiers in Tambi.

To prevent that, a few weeks after the Victory, Rasheeda Bourid proclaims the Empire and becomes Empress Rasheeda the First without shedding blood. She declares the Phoenic Law in the country and shocks the rest of the world.

The western countries, surprised and busy with their problems in Zebya, can’t do anything against them any more.

Empire of the Slaves

Portfolio The Route of the Slaves #7

2007 - Wonderbourg is the first nation to sign an economic agreement with the Empire to apply Phoenic laws in Rasheedian companies who want to come to Wonderbourg and create employment.

In Parallel, the Empire creates farms on their territory to spread naffi spores all around.

Rasheedian Empire creates new breeds of the naffi plant without the bulb and decide to export them. The real plant will be only grown in underground fields in Rasheedia.

The Prime Minister of Wonderbourg dies in plane crash with 5 ministers. Princess Godeliève IV replaces him by Farid Bussif.

After his marriage with Godelieve IV's daughter Ludivine De Wonderbourg, Yusuf Bourid becomes Prince of Wonderbourg.

Wonderbourg is now officially an ally of the Empire. Unofficially, it has become one of its province. 

Princess of the Slaves

Portfolio The Route of the Slaves #8

2008 - U.N.C.A.W.W.S. scientists find naffi plants and discover the naffi effect. They can’t prevent it and don’t know the bulbs so they can’t understand its importance.asheeda decides to burn all Naffi fields before UN even asks for it, as soon as the newspapers spread the news.
A very appreciated attitude in the Western countries, who were frightened that the Empire could decide to use that plant to enslave white women.
Rasheeda Bourid creates R.N.C.O. to control the Naffi bulbs completely.
2010 - The Naffi effect becomes of public knowledge. A writer, Marie-Thérèse de Cuisse, tries to warn people about its danger, but her racism makes the opposite effect.
The warnings of U.N.C.A.W.W.S. are too similar to those they did before the war in Zebya. Though they didn’t find any abducted white women there, only native fillies, nobody trusts UNCAWWS any more.
Though, the UN is determined to strike against any country who is in that traffic now and will believe UNCAWWS, even against international public opinion.

2013 - First Wonderbourg races in Rochebonne.

Poaching the White Fillies

Illustrated Novel The White Fillies #1

2014 - Investigation of Rasheedia by UNCAWWS after rumors of white slavery and the disappearing of too many delegates through the last years. Ségolène Micheraie, a soon to be President of UNCAWWS, is leading a delegation to Shazilar and Maruk Market and will have to supervise new headquarters in Rasheedabad.

Outfoxing the White Fillies

Illustrated Novel The White Fillies #2

Ségolène Micheraie's report is in favor of Rasheedia, so the International pressure vanish.
She begins to turn the United Nations into a pro-Rasheedian organisation.

Reining In the White Fillies

Illustrated Novel The White Fillies #3

The Shaziris of the Valley are attacked and conquered. The second passage to the Valley is found.

Challenging the White Fillies

Illustrated Novel The White Fillies #4

2015 - Rasheedia forces the western nations to accept the Rasheedian Phoenic Laws on international areas and so to continue the delivery of white women who try to escape from the Empire.

Securing the White Fillies

Illustrated Novel The White Fillies #5

2016 - In Cuisse, riots are provoked to ease the election of Madame de Cuisse.
Marie-Thérèse de Cuisse, after a memorable parade in the streets of the Maghrebin area, becomes Mayor of Troussy-en-Cuisse.
Ghislaine de Pénetrelles and Pétronille Encourgeay de Porchefassons are arrested with Aziz Rassuf by the gendarmes.  Aziz is put in jail waiting for his trial.



Degrading the White Fillies

Illustrated Novel The White Fillies #6

crossover series

A New Power in Town

Illustrated Novel The Wondercuistan Chronicles #1

2017 - Phase IV of the conquest is launched in Troussy-en-Cuisse, and Empress Rasheeda proclaims the birth of the Rasheedian province of Cuistan. Farida Bouzid is now Vizier of that province, and her husband Hamid becomes Bey of Troussy.


Pedestaling the White Fillies

Illustrated Novel The White Fillies #7

crossover series

The "Tres Riches Heures" of the Bey of Troussy

Illustrated Novel The Wondercuistan Chronicles #2